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"Not Even a Mouse" a 1-page COVID19 play

(2 people. A laptop.)

A: And then we…what?

B: Submit.

A: What?

B: Submit. You have to submit.

A: What do you mean?

B: You have to hit “submit.”

A: “Submit”?

B: Press “submit.”

A: Where is that?

B: There…There.

A: Okay. Got it. “Submit.”

B: That’s it.

A: That’s it?

B: That’s it.

A: …I’m nervous.

B: Don’t be nervous.

A: What if it doesn’t work?

B: If it doesn’t work, then there are gonna be bigger problems than you getting their five paragraph essays.

A: And the kids will know how to do this?

B: Look, the kids will lead you through it.

A: What if they can tell?

B: That you don’t know how to do it? They grew up with this stuff. They know you don’t know.

A: I mean, that I’m afraid.

B: They won’t. They’re kids.

A: I don’t know if I’m ready for this.

B: Nobody’s ready for this. Hey, if you need anything, call me. Or even better, text me. I’ll be home.

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